Estate Planning Strategies

Wills and Power of Attorney through your Solicitor or on referral.

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Estate Planning is the planning and documentation of your wishes for the distribution of your wealth following death. It incorporates your will and power of attorney.

There are particular considerations that you need to think about when it comes to Estate Planning. There are three main reasons why Estate Planning is important:

  • To ensure that your assets are distributed in the manner that you would wish in the event of death;
  • To ensure that your assets are distributed in a tax-effective manner; and
  • To ensure that your assets are distributed in a timely manner.

Estate Planning is a specialist area, and it is therefore important you obtain professional legal advice.


Wills are important to have in place to ensure that your wishes are followed in relation to your financial and personal matters in the event of death.

Wills cover instructions in relation to the following:

  • How and to whom your assets should be distributed;
  • Who is to be the executor of your Estate;
  • The appointment of a Guardian for any minor children; and
  • Burial or cremation instructions

It is essential to have an up-to-date and properly drawn Will to ensure:

  • Your exact wishes are clearly recorded;
  • Your financial and family circumstances are properly and professionally considered in accordance with prevailing laws;
  • Your assets continue to be managed by your executor after you die; and
  • Most importantly, having a Will gives you the peace of mind always that you have made appropriate provisions for your intended beneficiaries.

We recommend that once in place, a Will be reviewed at least once every few years or when your circumstances change.

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