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Super, Pensions and Centrelink Strategies.

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When you approach retirement age and are at that stage where you are ready to finish up working, it is important to plan ahead financially. In order to sustain a lifestyle where you are living day to day comfortably, have the funds to enjoy your leisure time and holidays, you need to have strategies in place. Superannuation, Pension and Centrelink strategies all play a role in ensuring you have financial security in retirement.

Superannuation Strategies

Your superannuation is often your main financial source when it comes to retirement. It is imperative that your superannuation is working effectively for you. Tax concessions and deductions are available when it comes to superannuation contributions. Strategies including salary sacrifice contributions, personal contributions and non-concessional contributions are all ways that you can take advantage of so your superannuation balance looks healthy once you approach retirement. 

We offer strategic investment advice to trustees of self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

Pension Strategies

Planning ahead and having effective pension strategies should be in place years prior to retiring.  There are specific questions that you need to consider as you approach retirement age;

  • How long do you want to keep working?
  • When do you think you would like to retire?
  • How much do you have in your superannuation fund?
  • How much do you think you would need to support yourself financially when you retire?
  • Will you meet the requirements for the Aged Pension?

Successful retirement requires effective strategies in place so you have sufficient funds to live on. Structure your pension so you can be supported comfortably financially during retirement.

Centrelink Strategies

Centrelink provides the Age Pension as a form of income support for people who have reached the Age Pension age. The fortnightly payments by the Federal Government assist individuals with meeting living costs for people who meet specific criteria. Your age, marital status, and the income and assets test determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements.

The rules and regulations surrounding the pension eligibility requirements are complex.  The legislation changes can make it difficult for you to understand. Having our expertise can assist with the application process and make it a smooth and stress-free experience. This minimises time delays as well as providing you access to your Health Care Card and other Government allowances that you qualify for.

Discuss your plans for your retirement with us today and create your superannuation, pension, and Centrelink strategies.

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Complimentary Call with Money and Wealth Management
Complimentary Call with Money and Wealth Management


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